Reida Rose’s Liminal Space

aka Rita Rosita Margarita recovering from her recent spay. Clearly, she’s empowered to move things along, healing-wise.

This pic was taken Saturday, July 2, in the morning (New York metro area – Daylight Savings Time). Please let me know when you think she’ll be liberated? You’ll only get bragging rights for guessing correctly, but I’d love to have your guess.

She is a 7-month retriever/pointer mix, and all legs – splootiliciousness indeed!

In a Liminal Space

Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners MI (2010)

The middle school age student I tutor asked, “You know what a liminal space is, right?” Uh, hmm, wait a sec while I dive into Google on my phone. And, my answer, “Wow. Nope, this is new to me! How did I get this old and miss this one?”

Of course, once I got home and gave it a deeper look, it was obvious (to me): I am, indeed, as a new widow, living in a liminal space – waiting for things to happen, knowing that I’ll get to where I’m going eventually, with a heightened sense of unease.

For those of you wishing to reach out, now is a good time.

Used Professional Woodworking Equipment for Sale

The equipment listed below was gently used by an artisanal furniture maker who maintained his equipment.

If interested, please contact me (not via this website) for pictures and additional details.

Thanks for your compassion and love

Well, it’s time to move the last post below this post and express my heartfelt thanks to you all for your compassion, help, and love, of late.

As I sorted through Gareth’s clothing, I found pocket knives in nearly every article of clothing Gareth wore, with the addition of first aid kits found in his coats. There’s no doubt he was prepared for everything!

I carry your friendship with me as a pocket knife – ready to rely on it, if needs be.

Thanks for the support!

22 February 2022

I have recently experienced two profound losses of loved ones in a twelve day period:

The first, on the 8th, Morris the Wonder Dog, our corgi-black lab mix, crossed the rainbow bridge having spent twelve and a half years chasing squirrels, chipmunks, foxes, deer, and ducks (although, he soon learned he couldn’t fly). He was the and is greatly missed.

The second, on the 20th, Gareth Llewelyn Hill, the love of my life and husband of 15 years, died of sepsis (as a result of three years of declining health). He also spent much of his life chasing woodland critters, most of it accompanied by Morris. In our third year together, it was Gareth who said he wanted a corgi and would name it Morris. Shortly thereafter, we rescued a five-and-a-half pound, 8-week old, vertically challenged, black fur ball pup, originally named Basil – soon renamed to Morris.

To the loved ones and friends, please know this is a shared loss with you, too. The loss feels like a deep hole dug in the sand at the beach: the void created is quickly refilled with water. In this case, the water is the overflowing compassion, love, and kindness I personally feel from your company. Thank you.

Let’s celebrate their lives and feel full with compassion, love, and kindness. After all, a boy and his dog are now reunited for another walk in the eternal woods.