media content & design: 

Sinclair LLewelyn LLC was created to serve digital content providers, as an off-shoot of my work at Pearson Education. I held a Term of Project position for 2 years and 2 months in Higher Education, Health Sciences and spotted a need for the LLC to provide quality assurance of vendor-created media assets, using best practices. As well, we just enjoy creating media to bolster my output as a composer and videographer as a means to connect us all in the world of the Internet of All Things.

music preparation & editorial – copyright & licensing – composer liaison

For two years, I was a composer’s personal assistant/music administrator, a position held since June 2011. In my spare time, I composed.  Recent work: A live-to-projection score for a silent film. The orchestration is contemporary to the film, ie, an Isham Jones orchestra circa 1923. Stay tuned for a video and detail regarding rental information for concerts.

In between bursts of scribbling quavers, I work as a music designer creating in-house audio programs, populating play lists with emerging artists, chart-topping hits, and smile-inducing classics; and, as a music engraver transforming hand-written (fair copy) to beautiful scores and parts, ready for performance by the world’s best musicians. This includes fixing broken quavers, as needed, at the request of composers. Sometimes, this is a forensic process peeling away the layers of revision to find the original notes; other times, it’s making the sounds fit the sights (Kids: This is one of the many life uses for algebra!) in a manner that defies detection.

But by far the most exciting time spent is setting up a music publishing house! For real, a full-service house for up-an-coming songwriters/composers who desire a committed creative advocate for their works. One who prefers to listen and work closely with them to nurture their works, all whilst remaining an independent publisher. Again, stay tuned – more information will be available here as it develops.

“How did I get here,” you ask? (C’mon, be a good sport and play along!)

I have 23 years of music publishing experience from copyright administration/licensing to creative/production.

For two years, I was a composer’s personal assistant/music administrator, a position held since June 2011. In my spare time, I composed. 

For nearly 5 years (July 2005 through April 2010), I worked at South Fifth Avenue Publishing/Prince in New York Music, providing music publishing services – editing, engraving, and library maintenance – for Howard Shore, based in Tuxedo NY.

Recent projects include:


  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  • Edge of Darkness
  • Doubt
  • The Betrayal (Nerakhoon)

Live to Projection Concerts:

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Concert Premieres:

  • 21st Century Fanfare
  • Fanfare
  • The Garden
  • The Fly – an opera in 2 acts
  • Catania
  • The Aviator Suite
  • Concertino from Eastern Promises

All engraving to the above via Sibelius 7. Conforming to picture via ProTools. From September 1999 through June 2005, I was Director of Product Development and Marketing for European American Music Distributors LLC, based in Miami FL (EAMDLLC was, at that time, in a joint venture with UniSchott & Warner Bros. Publications).

Primarily responsible for

  • maintaining composer relationships
  • negotiating commission agreements
  • promoting compositions to performing organizations
  • creating new uses for existing works
  • overseeing production of print and rental publications
  • supervising rental library

From October 1996 through August 1999, I was Production Manager, overseeing print and rental publications for in-house publishing catalogue, as well as supervising engraving services, for Subito Music Corporation, Verona NJ. During this time, Subito was an early adopter of the Sibelius engraving program and participated in beta testing prior to its general release.

Prior to my employment with Subito, I was President of Staccato, Inc., an engraving house who provided Hal Leonard Publications with over 150 guitar tablature publications via SCORE engraving software.

My first full-time gigs were in the employ of:

Dorn & Kirschner Band Instrument Company, Union NJ
Educational Music Service,
Nutley NJ
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., New York NY (Got this job via my internship in the Music Services Department at WNET/Channel 13.)
The Goodman Group, New York NY I’ve taught private oboe and jazz piano lessons to teenage music students, as well as played professionally on both instruments in the NY metro area from 1979 through 1999, member of Local 802 AFM. I compose music for film and performance, currently affiliated with BMI. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Jazz Studies from Jersey City State College (now New Jersey City University), Jersey City NJ, graduating summa cum laude at age 19 in 1981. Prior to that, I attended the Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen MI,  for one year, 1977-1978.